Monday, February 26, 2024

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    Jennifer Aniston is Cutting Off Unvaccinated Friends

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    The star of Friends admits that she is cutting off unvaccinated friends from her circle in this Coronavirus pandemic, believing that people need to think and care about others in this unpleasant time and not just themselves.

    The 52-year-old actress in an interview that she is currently making a smaller circle of friends as she cuts out individuals who have decided not to get the vaccine, or have not yet disclosed the fact whether they are vaccinated or not. The Just Go with It actress further enunciates that everyone should inform whether they have received the vaccine or not, considering that not everyone can be tested every day.

    Moreover, though Aniston admits that she is aware of the tricky situation right now and that everyone is entitled to their own opinion, she further remarks that most of these opinions are based on propaganda and fear. Inevitably, Aniston’s statements have caused some corners of the internet to lash back at her, asking why the actress is so concerned when she is already vaccinated.

    Aniston retorts by explaining that through her Instagram story saying that she may acquire the Delta variant and get sick, hospitalised, and die. She then added that she will be able to transmit it to other people, people who may not be vaccinated and whose health are far more compromised and she does not want to risk their lives in that way.

    The Bruce Almighty star also added that it is the main reason why she worries, further reiterating that everyone needs to take care and think about others, and not just themselves. Aniston has announced on May 7 through an Instagram photo that she is fully vaccinated, and is enjoying the goodness that follows.

    Furthermore, Aniston also points out the privilege the US have and how some people are so lucky to have access to the vaccines while some parts of the world are not. She continues by saying that the health of everyone affects everyone at this point and that her thought goes to those who are not able to have the vaccines and hug their friends and families.

    In the meantime, Aniston admits that despite the horror, some good that took place during the pandemic in a way that she was able to reset her life.



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