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    Simon Cowell Gets Emotional Over AGT Contestant’s Exit Due to Cancer

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    America’s Got Talent contestant received a proper farewell after deciding not to compete anymore and instead, she’ll be focusing on her health.

    The fan-favorite Jane Marczewski who goes by the name Nightbirde returned virtually on AGT during the show’s first live quarterfinals on August 12 where the judges celebrated the former contestant’s exit. The 30-year-old singer was Simon Cowell’s Golden Buzzer.

    On AGT’s latest episode, the 61-year-old judge commended Nightbirde for prioritizing her battle against cancer. He told her, “You made the decision, rightly so, that your health is your priority right now. And I know the last time we spoke you actually said you feel like you let people down. Well, I just want to say, on behalf of all of us, you haven’t let anyone down. Even though you haven’t competed, you have already won.”

    He mentioned that her audition had gone viral with over 31 million views. Many people from all over the world praised her for her inspiring story and also offered their support as she goes through a tough battle against cancer.

    Cowell became emotional as he explained, “Your clip had such an impact on so many people, and your courage and who you are. The most important thing is your wellbeing and your health and your recovery. On behalf of all of us here, we send our love, our prayers. We can’t wait to see you again soon.”

    Nightbirde thanked the judges for supporting her during her AGT journey, saying that it resotred her faith in humanity. She said, “This is, I mean, the most beautiful thing that’s ever happened to me in my life.”

    In June, Cowell talked to PEOPLE about how Nightbirde’s life story moved him. He said, “I pushed my Golden Buzzer for Nightbirde because everything about her audition was really special. Her voice was absolutely stunning and performing her original song ‘It’s OK’ after she told us what she was going through with her cancer, it really moved me. This was a very, very special moment.” He mentioned how “absolutely mesmerized” he was about her performance.

    He added, “Every year we meet the most extraordinary people on this show. She’s an amazing person with an incredible talent and she’s truly an inspiration.”


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