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    These Actresses are Brave Enough to Do Their Own Stunts

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    Talent is impressive on its own, but if coupled with hard work and dedication, it brings out something colossally inspiring. You might think that most actors rely heavily on their stunt doubles, but some are willing to put their safety on the line to deliver an authentic performance. In this article, get to know the phenomenal actresses who fearlessly commit to doing most of their stunts, and be extra amazed!

    1. Gal Gadot

    This Israeli actress and model rocked the big screen with her fantastic performance as Wonder Woman. Gal served in the IDF as a combat trainer, and she expressed that this background helped her in the world of acting and getting some notable roles on the big screen. When she played Dianna Prince in Patty Jenkin’s “Wonder Woman” (2017), Gadot shared that she committed to rigorous, six-month-long training that was more intense than during her years in the military. Despite these challenges, though, Gadot clarifies she enjoys doing her stunts and just being physically active.

    2. Jennifer Lawrence

    Lawrence is also one of those stars who commit to learning and doing her stunts as much as possible. In The Hunger Games series, where she played the role of the fearless Katniss Everdeen, the actress did not miss out on all the gripping action as she learned archery and some swag moves. She worked with stunt double Renae Moneymaker in X-Men and The Hunger Games franchise and ballerina Isabella Boylston in Red Sparrow (2018).

    3. Angelina Jolie

    From her unforgettable roles in Tomb Raider, Mr.&Mrs. Smith, Salt, to the most recent Those Who Wish Me Dead, award-winning actress Jolie consistently displays the courage and willingness to deliver the best she can by doing several stunts as much as possible. In an interview, Jolie expressed that although there are visual effects, it is still crucial to do one’s own stunts if it can be done since the audience can definitely feel the authenticity. Well said, Angelina!

    4. Chloe Grace Moretz

    She may be young, but this phenomenal actress from movies like The 5th Wave and The Equalizer, trains hard for her stunts. Moretz expressed in an interview that she prepares “pretty heavily” for her stunt performances in front of the screen. In 2010, the twelve-year-old actress worked side-by-side for three months with Jackie Chan’s team to deliver her role well in Kick Ass. The dedication that she shows had never been ignored by the industry, which is evident in the accolades that she had and continues to receive.

    5. Jennifer Garner

    Remember her badass roles in films like Elektra and Daredevil? Garner is also one courageous actor for doing much of her own stunt performances. According to her stunt double in Peppermint, Garner performed 98% of the stunts, and this just shows how amazing she is!


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