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    Celebrities Who Broke Tradition by Proposing to Their Partners

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    Women have long been bending and breaking traditions for ages but only a few of them were recognised and written in history. Be it soldiering and taking up arms, doing a man’s job, not shaving, or asking a man’s hand in marriage. After all, it’s the men who are expected to bend a knee and ask the question. However, there are women out there who do the thing first.

    Below are some of the famous female celebrities who proposed to their partners.


    Before having to share her children Willow and Jameson with her motocross star Carey Hart, P!nk tried to take things into her own hands by proposing to Hart during the Pro 250 class finals. Of course, P!nk did the proposal in a ‘f#cking perfect’ way by holding a pit board saying “Will you marry me?” when Hart entered the third lap.

    When Hart failed to pull over, Pink raised another board saying “I’m serious!”. Six months after Pink pulled the act; they tied the knot and is now happily parenting their two children.

    Kristen Bell

    Although it was Kristoff who gets to ask Anna’s hand in Frozen 2, the actress who played Anna was the one who proposed to her now-husband in real life. Kristen Bell proposed to Dax Shepard in 2013 as a way of celebrating marriage equality. The two have been engaged since 2009, and it was Shepard who primarily proposed to Bell.

    However, the two promised not to marry until everyone lawfully could. They had a private ceremony that October and are now living with their two daughters.

    Britney Spears

    The Pop Princess has sass! Britney Spears was the one to propose to her former husband, Kevin Federline while they were flying to New York City. The two were flying from Ireland and Spears suddenly asked Federline if he wants to get married. She then went from that point and asked him if he would marry her.

    According to Federline, he was taken by surprise for he believed that it was the man who was supposed to ask the girl. It took a couple of minutes for him to ask her knowing that she’s the one. They tied the knot in October 2004, had two sons, but separated after three years of marriage.

    Elizabeth Taylor

    Classic and iconic. Elizabeth Taylor has taken things into her own hands while being one of the biggest stars during Hollywood’s golden age. The Cleopatra star was known to have seven husbands but she proposed to only one of them; Michael Wilding, a British actor who was 20 years older than her. She asked him to marry her and Wilding said ‘yes’.

    Taylor and Wilding tied the knot in 1952, had two kids together and decided to call it quits after the two parties agreed to go separate ways.


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