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    These Celebs Nail Multiple Accents

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    In the film industry, good acting is not going to guarantee a role. At some points, actors and actresses need to push things a bit further as they tackle and learn various accents to bring justice to a character of a story. Some stars even admit that they have to get an acting coach to perfect their delivery. Others find simple inspiration to do the matter.

    For one, the American-Australian actress Nicole Kidmane did not need to take the long way in perfecting her Masha’s Russian accent in Nine Perfect Strangers. She simply took inspiration from her natural Australian accent and combined it with Russian. After all, her character was a Russian living in Australia.

    She gets to be Masha even after the day, and even when she gets home. Kidman’s husband, Keith Urban also commented on how he loved having Masha in their home. He further added that he loved Kidman’s Russian accent and even joked that if ever Kidman nails a Canadian accent soon, she has to thank Urban for it.

    Another notable star who nailed the accent game is Kate Winslet. The Titanic star is the kind of actress who does not like to do the wrong things so she worked with a dialect coach to perfectly pull off the posh, prim, and proper English accent for Mare of Easttown on HBO.

    Hugh Laurie being naturally British surprises people. He has been on tons of films where he portrayed American roles with their very American accents, and people thinking that Laurie is American through and through is enough proof that he nailed the accent game as well and Andrew Lincoln shares the same case.

    Known primarily for his role in Walking Dead, Lincoln has been slaying that Southern accent. However, take note that he also appeared in Love, Actually with that iconic “it’s carol singers” scene. Lincoln hails from Yorkshire, England and is good at slaying zombies and America’s southern accent.

    Jodie Comer did not just prove that she can do an assassin’s role and that she can also portray a multilingual in Killing Eve. In the series, Villanelle (Comer’s character) can be seen not only switching languages here and there, but she can switch accents too! There is one scene where she tried talking in a Russian accent, then Australian, Californian, and the New Yorker—a handy skill for any hit woman and best actress.

    Meanwhile, the Queen’s Gambit star, Anya Taylor-Joys performance in the Netflix series will surprise fans with the fact that she struggled to do her character’s American accent after being in a constant move from one city to another while growing up. Joy has been to so many cities including Paris, Buenos Aires, and London, which made the American accent a bit hard for her to master.


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