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    Simone Biles Opens Up After Withdrawing From the Olympics

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    Simone Biles pulling out from the 2020 Tokyo Olympics have left fans and supporters distraught, and the 24-year-old gymnast also admits that she was devastated. According to Biles, it sucks that the competition did not turn out in the way that she hoped for after withdrawing halfway through the final of the gymnastics team.

    Biles mentioned in an exclusive interview that her decision to pull herself out of the competition was mainly fuelled by her desire to focus on her mental health. She further added that she had her team’s best interest and did not want to put them in a situation where they may lose a place. She then points out that the girls were all willing and ready to go and do their job.

    According to the gymnast, her mental health issues started way before they arrived in Tokyo. Biles shared that there is something that started to build up over time, overtaking her body and resulting in her not being able to carry on in the competition, saying that she knew she cannot go and compete. She then added that she knew she was going to get hurt. Biles then explained that she had no idea she has it until things started happening and taking a toll on her.

    The athlete looked back on the five years of training she went through, remarking that it sucks that things did not turn out in a way that she initially wanted to. However, she stated that she is aware that she had helped a lot of people now that athletes like her are finally speaking up and standing up for their mental health.

    Moreover, even though fans and supporters were heartbroken for a moment, they continued to show love and support to the former contestant of Dancing With the Stars. She remarked that support from famous fans had helped her stay positive as she struggles during the Olympics, and then she is grateful for them. According to Biles, Justin Bieber and Demi Lovato reached out to her to send their love and support. Bieber even shared on a post that he was proud of Biles choosing and prioritising her mental health.

    Despite struggling during the competition, Biles was able to win medals; a bronze from the balance beam performance, and a silver from the team finals, before finally pulling out of the competition.


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