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    Machine Gun Kelly and Conor McGregor Clash at MTV VMA Red Carpet

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    The celebrities in their glamorous outfits aren’t the only ones heating up the 2021 MTV Video Music Awards red carpet. UFC star Conor McGregor and rapper Machine Gun Kelly got into a heated argument when the two celebrities crossed paths at the event held at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, N.Y. on Sunday, September 12.

    So what exactly happened? Based on the photos taken at the MTV VMA  red carpet, the two stars were each walking the red carpet when it suddenly appeared that they got into a scuffle. In one of the pictures, Conor, wearing a pink suit for the awards ceremony, was being held back by someone from his team as he tried to swing at MGK.

    According to TMZ, at 5:31 PM PT, sources who were present during the situation informed the outlet that Conor asked MGK for a photo which the rapper denied. It apparently escalated into MGK pushing the boxer. he stumbled and spilled his drink during the process.

    By 6:42 PM PT, an insider close to Conor told TMZ that the fighter wanted to say hello to MGK and even stuck his hand out to him and approached him. The insider shared that MGK said something that Conor didn’t hear and then MGK’s security pushed him away. The source explained that Conor didn’t understand the issue and was even surprised by the treatment he got.   

    Once he was able to collect himself, the source said that Conor allegedly chucked the remaining of his drink at MGK and Megan who was also nearby. Though he seemed to be reaching for Kelly in the photos, he never got a hold of the musician. Fortunately, both their teams broke the clash just in time before it escalated to something worse.

    The alleged misunderstanding came two months after the fighter broke his tibia or shinbone in his left leg. It’s the reason why he was seen using a walking cane at the event which was tossed to the ground during the incident.

    Meanwhile, there was also a video shared on Twitter by the user @g0ddessmez showing Conor and MGK exchanging words before their respective teams separated them.


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