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    THIS is Paris Hilton’s Biggest Revelation in Her Upcoming YouTube Originals Documentary

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    Who doesn’t know Paris Hilton? Dubbed as the original influencer, the 39-year-old hotel heiress opened up about her childhood trauma, romantic relationships, secret abuse she suffered, and many more for the first time in her YouTube Originals documentary entitled This Is Paris which will premiere on September 14.

    Based on the opening scene of her documentary, something happened in her childhood that she never talked about. She admitted that she still has nightmares about it and wished she could bring a camera in her dreams so she could show it. She said it’s terrifying and she relive it every night. She experienced it and is still traumatized by it even until today. Also, she believed that in order for these nightmares to stop, she had to do something about it.

    And that’s exactly what she’s doing in This Is Paris. Read on to find about one of the biggest bombshells she has in store in her documentary below.

    The biggest revelation in Paris’ documentary is the alleged abuse she suffered while attending Provo Canyon School in Utah when she was a teenager. According to the celebrity, she suffered strangulation and being screamed at and locked up in rooms.

    She said they were prescribing pills and she had no idea what they were giving her except she felt tired and numb after. Also, she said people who were working there got off on torturing children and seeing them naked.

    Paris Hilton
    Paris Hilton | Shutterstock

    Eventually, Paris stopped taking the pills and when she was caught hiding them, she was put into solitary confinement as punishment. She alleged that they made people take off their clothes and go in there for about 20 hours. In her case, she felt like she was going crazy. She was starving, alone, and scared.

    She spent almost a year at Provo and finally reunited with her family in New York. However, she was so traumatized that she never told them anything.

    She explained that she used all her anger as her drive to become successful. It made her strong but thinking about it now, she realized it gave her anxiety and it was hard.

    Paris met with her fellow survivors and friends during her time at Provo and decided to finally tell the truth about her experience at the boarding school to her mom. Her mom, Kathy, was shocked and started to cry. She explained that she couldn’t tell them because every time she tried hey would punish her. They would also remind her that they will tell her parents that she’s lying and they won’t believe her. They told her this many times that she was too scared to bring it up.

    So why did she decide to tell all of this now? According to Paris, she wanted to do something but didn’t want to hurt her brand at the same time. She didn’t want it to be part of her business and others won’t understand. However, she explained that is she didn’t do this, it will continue to happen and she’ll be traumatized and think about it for the rest of her life.

    You can learn more about this big revelation from Paris Hilton as well as her other secrets by watching This Is Paris in YouTube on September 14.


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