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    Interesting Facts about Katie Holmes’ Date, Chef Emilio Vitolo

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    Katie Holmes was all smiles when she was spotted having dinner in SoHo on Tuesday night last week with a New York City chef Emilio Vitolo. For her night out, she wore a tank top and jeans while Vitolo was wearing a white t-shirt and jeans.

    The 41-year-old actress is very private when it comes to her personal life. She was in a relationship with Jamie Foxx for a few years before the two decided to split in May 2019.

    This may be their first official night out together but the two have known each other for a while. The 33-year-old chef commented with emojis on Holmes Instagram photo in July.

    If you want to know more about Vitolo, here are some interesting things you should know about the NYC-based chef who’s stealing Holmes’ heart.

    1. He was an actor

    Looks like he’s not alien to the entertainment industry as Vitolo also took interest in acting. He is comfortable in the front of the camera. He was a guest in shows like Inside Amy Schumer and Royal Pains. Based on his IMDB page, he will be starring in The Birthday Cake which also stars Ewan McGregor and Val Kilmer. It is already in its post-production and will be released later this year.

    2. He is an NYC chef

    The most obvious information about him is the fact that he is a chef working in NYC, specifically in Emilio’s Ballato in SoHo. It was bought in the early 90s ‘by his father, Emilio Vitolo Sr. His entire family worked there since then. According to Vitolo during an interview with InStyle, working at the restaurant is a seven-day-a-week commitment. He added, “If you’re going to do a restaurant the right way, you always have to be there.”

    Переглянути цей допис в Instagram


    Допис, поширений Emilio Vitolo (@emiliovitolo)

    3. A-listers frequent his restaurants

    If you look into Vitolo’s Instagram account, you’ll find many photos of him together with celebrities like Denzel Washington, Cuba Gooding Jr., Whoopi Goldberg, and even Barack Obama with his daughter Malia. As Goldberg put it, the restaurant feels good and homey. It’s like coming into someone’s house.

    4. He’s half Italian and half Peruvian

    Vitolo’s mother is from Peru while his dad is Italian. He said that his mom cooks for them every Sunday and would make them chicken and rice dishes.

    5. His friends include Jonas brothers and Sophie Turner

    Aside from being a renowned chef to the star, Vitolo is also a friend to many celebrities such as the Jonas Brother and Sophie Turner. Looking at his Instagram account, one can see many photos of the chef with these celebs through the years. For instance, they welcomed the New Year together in 2018. He also shared a photo of Joe Jonas in August 2019 during what seems to be the famous singer’s James Bond-themed 30th birthday celebration.

    6. He’s a pawrent

    Vitolo owns a Rottweiler pup he named Lil Franky. He is so proud of his dog he even created an Instagram account for him. Based on the account’s bio, the chef describes him as “Nolita’s Finest Rottie”. The social media account is flooded with photos of the adorable dog with his dad.

    There are so many things to love about Vitolo that it’s no surprise he got Katie Holmes interested.


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