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    Top 5 Original Netflix Movies to Watch this October

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    Aside from preparing and choosing which character or figure you’d want to dress up for this spooky season, you might want to check out these original movies on Netflix. They surely give you one hell of entertainment and might even give you inspiration for your Halloween costume. Remember, Halloween costumes need not be scary so do these October movies on Netflix!

    Below are five of the original movies that you should check out this coming October.

    Night Teeth

    It’s the spooky season so let’s start with something that finally makes vampires scary again! This thriller tells the story of a young man working as a chauffeur who by chance, picks up two beautiful, enticingly mysterious, and thirsty party-goers—bloodthirsty! When he finally uncovers their deadly thirst and their underworld, this young man attempts to fight.

    This stars Debby Ryan (Insatiable), Lucy Fry (Bright), Megan Fox, Sydney Sweeney, as well as Alexander Ludwig, and Alfie Allen.

    Diana: The Musical

    This one is perfect for those who love Lin-Manuel Miranda’s Hamilton. Centered on the story of the late Princess Diana, this intimate and awe-enthralling musical depicts both the grandiosity and the desolation that happened in the life of Diana. This masterpiece is created by the writers of Memphis and the director of Come From Away and stars Jeanna de Waal.

    Be inspired by the songs and numbers. No one is stopping you to dress up as a princess or as Princess Diana herself for Halloween.

    Forever Rich

    This one takes a more serious note. Consider it as one of those movies that share and show slices of life. Forever Rich entails the story of a rap star having his breakthrough until a viral video takes it all back from him, pushing him to avenge and redeem himself all through the course of one night. Directed by award-winner Shady El-Hamus and stars Jonas Smulders.

    Fever Dream

    Psychedelic and replete with maternal panic, this movie unfolds with delirious scenarios each mother’s nightmare that might just bring you fever dreams. It starts with a mother in pain, a young boy, and another mother that tries to uncover something and how or what happened where they end up unraveling a haunting story that treads between spiritual and environmental catastrophe.

    This stars María Valverde (Tres Metros Sobre El Cielo), Dolores Fonzi, and Germán Palacios. This one is perfect for those who like movies that make them think.

    There’s Someone Inside Your House

    The best way to end the list is with another teen thriller. This one tells the story of a young high schooler who is compelled to uncover the identity of a masked killer that goes after students, exposing their secrets and killing them. This will be delivered to you by the producers of The Conjuring and Stranger Things, together with the director of Creep, Patrick Brice.

    Filled with teen dramas, teen thrillers, and revelations, this Netflix original film stars Sydney Park, Théodore Pellerin, and Asjha Cooper. Your Halloween watchlist will never go wrong with this one.


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