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    Angelina Jolie and The Weeknd Go on Another Dinner Date

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    Angelina Jolie and The Weeknd once again sparked romance rumors after they were spotted together.

    The actress and the singer were romantically linked after they were seen spending time together more than two months ago. On Saturday, September 25, the duo had another intimate dinner. They were photographed leaving the same restaurant at Giorgi Baldi in Santa Monica, California where they dined in July.

    The Weeknd and Angelina Jolie
    The Weeknd and Angelina Jolie

    The two celebrities wore black ensembles for their night out together. The 46-year-old actress and humanitarian wore a trench coat and pointed-toe heels while the 31-year-old artist had on an oversized jacket, dark pants, and completed his look with leather boots.

    According to an eyewitness, they arrived separately. They were seated in a “private” area of the restaurant where they spent two and a half hours together. The source shared that Jolie and The Weeknd left in his car.

    Meanwhile, neither the Eternals star or the “Blinding Lights” singer has yet to publicly address the status of their relationship, though there’s a big possibility that they’ll remain quiet about it. After all, both are aware of what it’s like to date in the public eye.

    Jolie filed for divorce from ex-husband Brad Pitt five years ago and is still in a custody battle over their six kids.

    As for The Weeknd, he dated other celebrities including Selena Gomez and Bella Hadid. In an interview with GQ last month, he revealed that he feels hesitant about dating women who aren’t famous. According to him, they’re not used to the spotlight.

    He explained, “I do feel guilty. For sure. That’s why I don’t…I try not to do too much. I just try not to bring attention to myself. And I just love being in normal situations, man. It’s such a great feeling. To be able to just like go on a walk and not being in a f–king SUV.” 

    “I eventually want a family,” he told GQ. “I know I say I don’t, but I know I do. I want children.”

    He clarified, “I guess I say it because I like the trajectory of my career. But also I feel like having children would influence me and inspire me more.”


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