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    Emily Ratajkowski Reveals Robin Thicke Groped Her on Set of Blurred Lines Music Video

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    Almost eight years after the music video of “Blurred Lines” was released, Emily Ratajkowski finally took to her upcoming book, My Body, where she wrote and accused Robin Thicke of groping her bare breasts while they were filming. The 30-year-old American model and actress wrote in her book that she initially enjoyed the process until she and Thicke were alone and allegedly cupped her breasts from behind.

    Ratajkowski is one of three models hired to appear in the music video where they are often seen dancing in provocative outfits and topless in an uncensored version of the video.

    According to the American model and actress, she immediately moved away when it happened and saw Thicke giving her a goofy grin as he stumbled backward. She further noted in her book that the 44-year-old American-Canadian singer did not seem to be enjoying the filming and was a little drunk during some instances.

    Fortunately, Diane Martel, the director of the music video that was manned by an all-female crew, finally got in-between and checked on Ratajkowski and threatened to halt the filming. According to Martel, Thicke apologized and the model took everything professionally and continued with the shooting.

    The actress who played Andie Hardy in the motion picture adaptation of Gillian Flynn’s Gone Girl wrote in her book that it was the first time that she felt naked. She then added that she felt so humiliated to the extent that she tried to avoid eye contact. That one act by Thicke reminded her that women are not in-charge, let alone in an all-female crew and wished that she reacted in the way that she should have.

    The star of I Feel Pretty further wrote on her book that she felt naked and powerless, considering herself as one of the mere mannequins that were hired to dance around and flash their bodies in the music video.

    On the other hand, Thicke asserted that they have no negative intentions while writing the song and making the music video. He also added that he will no longer be seen doing projects similar to it again. Furthermore, he explained that he was abusing pills and alcohol use, and was trying to pave his way through after separating from his former wife, Paula Patton, when “Blurred Lines” came out.

    According to Thicke, fame and a few other things got to him and he is currently glad that he has closed that chapter of his life.



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