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    Woody Harrelson Involved in Physical Altercation at Watergate Hotel

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    Actor Woody Harrelson got into a physical altercation with a man whom he claimed to be taking photos of him and his daughter despite the actor asking the said man to refrain from whatever he is doing. Police were called to investigate Watergate Hotel in Washington, D.C., around 11 PM on October 6, where the said fight that involves Harrelson happened.

    With what the investigation has uncovered, an intoxicated man has been taking photos of The Hunger Games star and his daughter even though the 60-year-old actor has approached him, asked him to stop taking photos and delete the pictures. Investigation results further added that Harrelson got into a verbal dispute with the said man who then attempted to grab the actor’s neck.

    After being called, police officers found several people in the roof deck of the hotel, including Harrelson and one of his daughters.

    Furthermore, the star of Zombieland told the police that he managed to punch the man in the neck to defend himself. Witnesses said the same thing, which then turns the table around, showing Harrelson as the non-aggressor even though the 60-year-old actor has been known to clash with photographers and paparazzi.

    Back in 2008, Harrelson was sued by a celebrity photographer after the actor allegedly attacked him and broke his camera, and in 2009, a paparazzo accused the actor of assaulting and damaging his camera when he reached for the lens. The said paparazzo was following the actor and one of his daughters at an airport in New York. According to Harrelson, the incident happened when the actor just finished wrapping Zombieland, where he claimed that he is being constantly assaulted by zombies and has mistaken the paparazzo as a zombie.

    In the meantime, the man who has claimed to be taking photos of Harrelson and his daughter was questioned in his hotel room. According to the police, his name will soon be released once he is finally charged. Additionally, it is also unclear as to which of Harrelson’s three daughters was with him when the commotion happened.

    The recipient of four Golden Globe Awards shares three daughters with Laura Louie; Deni Montana Harrelson (28), Zoe Giordano Harrelson (25), and Makani Ravello Harrelson (15).


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