Thursday, December 7, 2023

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    Be Autumn-Ready with These Easy Skincare Routines

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    Another gorgeous season has arrived, and along with the changes it brings, we must also change the ways we look after our skin. With the temperature falling and the rise of many windy days, dermatologists advise that it is important to give extra emphasis on hydration, moisture, and protection. There’s nothing to worry about if you do not know how to start because, in this article, we are going to check out some easy-to-follow YouTube skincare routines that are extra Fall-appropriate!

    1. Ava Lee’s Fall Morning Skin Care Routine

    Ava Lee is a Korean YouTube content creator based in New York City with over thirty-eight thousand subscribers. This routine of hers will help you achieve what she calls a “Jell-O skin”- featuring extra bounce and glow. What is Fall-appropriate with Ava’s routine is that it’s really focused on hydration, moisture, and protection. Some of the products that Ava uses in her routine are Paula’s Choice Lip Booster for lip moisture, SkinCeuticals Daily SPF for those harsh UVB/UVA rays, and I’m From Rice Toner to hydrate the face.

    2. Osungu Szpernalowski’s Biologique Recherche Fall Morning Skincare Routine

    Osungu’s routine acknowledges the ever-changing nature of skincare as it is contingent on varying factors. Featured in this skincare routine are products from Biologique Recherche, a French skincare brand with an outstanding reputation. As with any skincare, cleansing is the first step and Osungu uses Lait VIP O2 Oxygenating Milk Cleanser which is very gentle to the skin.

    She then uses a hydrating and soothing mist L’Eauxygenante which contains silk extract and edelweiss to combat free radicals. For exfoliation, Osungu uses the Lotion P50 and Serum 3R. This morning routine is easy-to-follow, and if you are looking for a new brand to try, Biologique Recherche might be perfect for you!

    3. Skin By Dr. Azi’s Night Fall Skincare Routine

    Remember what they say? A good night routine leads to a good morning. This also applies to our skincare and this dermatologist-made content by Dr. Azi is a perfect one to follow before you hit the sack. Dr. Azi recommends Necessaire body serum right after shower to seal in the much-needed moisture.

    She also advises applying moisturizer to damp skin (no rubbing it dry!) to seal in extra moisture to the face. Some of the products that she features in the video are Mario Badescu Cleansing Oil, AzimD Skincare- Dermabright Pads, and La Roche-Posay Thermal Spring Water for protection and hydration.


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