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    THIS is How Chrissy Teigen is Spending Her Two-Week Bed Rest

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    Chrissy Teigen is on a two-week bed rest.

    She and husband John Legend are expecting their third child. The Cravings author took to social media to inform her fans last Tuesday, September 8, that she’s spending this time learning how to sew capes and clothes for her kids.

    The celebrity host didn’t give away other details regarding her bed rest orders but she did give her followers a more detailed information as how she’ll be spending her time. She’s been hunting for the best sandwich shops in L.A. and just recently, she took to Instagram to show how their four-year-old daughter Luna is working on a Plush Craft project alongside her.

    The 34-year-old author said it’s a cute little activity while explaining how to make a fuzzy unicorn. While Chrissy is explaining the steps, Luna also noted that it’s pretty hard.

    A few days ago, the four-year-old also went with her mom during her latest ultrasound appointment.Chrissy posted the video on her Instagram and Luna could be seen while she’s helping the doctor guide the transducer along her mom’s growing baby bump.

    Based on the caption that went with her video, she revealed that they freak out on weekends. She explained that before she started feeling the kicks, anxiety got the best of her and even the teeniest bit of spotting or pain freak her out. She also swore shell buy one of these machines but by then she’ll be done with having monsters. However, she mentioned that as Luna embarked on her first ever sleepover, another little one is making some big growth moves so all is well.

    Further, Chrissy mentioned in her comments that “vanity ultrasound places” must be available. She added that she’s lucky because her doctor is generous when it comes to giving pictures because others rush patients. She explained that she wanted a full in vitro photo shoot experience where she would cough and wiggle in order to achieve the best alien baby shots.

    Chrissy Teigen and John Legend had the most memorable pregnancy reveal during his “Wild” music video last August where the singer was seen standing behind his wife who was cradling her baby bump. The Grammy winner said they’ve very excited and it was a surprise for them.


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