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    Tom Hanks is Back in Australia to Resume Filming Elvis Presley Biopic

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    Tom Hanks is back in Australia to resume filming his upcoming Elvis Presley biopic which temporarily stopped production because of the worldwide pandemic.

    Director Baz Luhrmann confirmed on Wednesday, September 9, that the Forrest Gump actor has returned to Queensland and is in quarantine for two weeks. According to Luhrmann’s statement, it’s a real privilege that Tom Hanks was able to go back to Australia to join Austin Butler and the cast and crew so they could commence their production on Elvis.

    Tom Hanks | Shutterstock

    The director went on to say that they’re very lucky in the current climate of Queensland and for the Queenslanders who have been very supportive of the film. He also thanked their partners in the Queensland Government and Queensland Health for their diligent process so that they could serve as an example on how creativity and productivity can continue while at the same time protecting their team and the community. He added that they’re excited to start working with the Oscar-awarded actor after he finished his quarantine.

    If fans could remember, Hanks and his wife Rita Wilson were in Australia in March when they tested positive for the coronavirus. In fact, they’re among the first celebrities to be diagnosed of the virus. The couple kept everybody updated throughout their journey to recovery by posting on social media. Later that same month, they recovered and returned to the US. The couple donated their blood and plasma to be used for the COVID 19 research after knowing that they carry antibodies.

    The 64-year-old actor used his experience as a means to encourage people of the importance of wearing masks. This summer when he was promoting his movie Greyhound, he explained that wearing a mask, social distancing, and washing hands are the three things people need to get to tomorrow. These steps are very simple and easy and if there’s anybody who couldn’t practice these three basic things then shame on that person.

    He added that people should do their part; after all it’s very basic. He even likened it to driving a car. He said you don’t go too fast and must use your turn signal and avoid hitting pedestrians. In other words, it’s common sense.



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