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    Camilla Cabello Celebrates Thanksgiving with Gratitude Amid Shawn Mendes Split

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    Camilla Cabello expressed her gratitude upon celebrating Thanksgiving after a couple of weeks of becoming single. The Cuban-American actress and singer shared a statement on Instagram where she expressed how thankful she is for everyone who has been supporting her on her journey.

    The star of Cinderella started the message by saying that she has a lot to be thankful for in her life, especially for the people that are standing by with her. She also wishes everyone a good Thanksgiving while thanking her fans and supporters for sending her their love, listening to their music, and supporting her and the creative journey that she had chosen.

    In the same Instagram post, the 24 years old singer and songwriter wrote that though she and her fans have not met yet, they continued to show their love and support for her, one of the many things that she is more than grateful to have and it only makes sense that she gets to give them the same love and support as she starts to have a more positive outlook on life. According to the Havana singer, she is channeling everything into positivity, starting by showing gratitude this Thanksgiving.

    Cabello further wrote that she believes that everyone is interconnected to each other in such a magical world and that no one is alone. She closed her message by sending love to her family friend, as well as her furry and plant friends. In the shared post, Cabello can be seen relaxing by the pool in her home, along with her three dogs.

    Recently, Cabello agreed to break up with Canadian singer, Shawn Mendes (23). The former couple shared on their respective Instagram stories that they finally decided to end their romantic relationship after two years of dating. In the post, both Cabello and Mendes shared a similar statement regarding their breakup and how they continue to love each other as humans, reminding fans and supporters that they will continue to be friends.

    The two further added that they support everyone who has been supporting them since the start of their budding romance as they clarify that the two of them are better off as friends since the relationship has become complacent.

    In the meantime, the former couple’s close friends attest that there was no drama during and after the breakup and that Cabello and Mendes continue to support each other since the two have great things ahead of them. Mendes is preparing for his Wonder world tour and Cabello is on her way to releasing her next album, Familia.


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