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    7 Christmas Gift Ideas for Taylor Swift Fans

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    The Christmas season is swiftly approaching and every Taylor Swift fan is dying to receive something cute and Swiftie-inspired. These seven items listed down below are perfect Christmas presents, so go get one or all of them for that Swiftie you dearly love!

    1. Red Album Swiftie’s Version Mug

    With the recent release of a new album from Queen Taylor, every Swiftie will surely adore and appreciate this handmade ceramic Red (Taylor’s Version)-inspired mug for their daily dose of caffeine or a Christmas eggnog. This mug from NikioShop is available in single color (White) and three sizes. Simply perfect for a hot latte, biting winter chill, and Red (Taylor’s Version) TV night.

    2. Loving Him Was Red Hoodie

    Stay cosy this Christmas season with a Red (Taylor’s Version) hoodie. This cotton and polyester hoodie is available in single color (Gray) and various sizes- from small to 4xl. It has Taylor’s photo and a “Taylor Swift Red (Taylor’s Version)” print at the back. The front part has a small “Taylor Swift” print on the left chest, and a part of Red’s lyrics is printed on the right sleeve.

    3.  All Too Well Insulated Wine Tumbler

    Christmas would not be complete without a good wine, so gift your Swiftie self or friend this handmade, adorable red wine tumbler from Tyler & Carley Designs. It has a dainty scarf print on the front along with that memorable line- “I remember it all too well”- from Taylor’s hit song that just got its 10 minute version in the recently launched Red (Taylor’s Version). It is available in nine different colors, so you won’t have a hard time finding the perfect one for you!

    4. Evermore Soy Candle

    Light up the season and relive Evermore era in this lovingly handcrafted pine-and-blackcurrant scented soy candle from Greanhouse Apothecary. This candle is so soothing with a delicate tint of cinnamon and various oils. It is also gorgeously aesthetic with its glittered and dried rosemary top. Approximate burn time is thirty hours so this candle will definitely last you hours of Taylor Swift listening parties this Christmas.

    5. Swiftie Socks

    Stay warm this Christmas with these red and gorgeous Taylor Swift socks handcrafted by LyricalSmilePrints. These socks are made from polyester and spandex with a cushioned bottom. You can buy from any of the following sizes- small, medium, or large.

    6. Red Scarf (Taylor’s Version) Earrings

    Paint Christmas and the whole town red with these vibrant and rocking made-to-order red scarf earrings from EventfullMinds, a Florida-based Etsy shop crafting and selling personalized trinkets. These earrings are lovingly handmade and made out of resilient polymer clay. Also, there’s something really special about knowing that the artist really took time to work on what you’re wearing!

    7. Lover Room Spray

    Who can ever forget that romantic Lover era? This handmade Lover-inspired flowerbomb room spray from thoraandrunedesign is perfect to spice up the air this Christmas season.


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