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    7 Best Handmade Christmas Gifts for Money Heist Fans

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    With the hit show’s final season now streaming on Netflix, Money Heist fans are certainly feeling the angst and probably some “separation anxiety” from the show. With all these feels and the swift wheels of Christmas approaching, it would be awesome if you can gift fellow fans and your Money Heist crazed heart with these wonderful and handmade items we found on Etsy:

    1. Money Heist Flower Pots

    Money heist pot

    Are the Money Heist fans in your life also green thumbs at heart? Or are you just feeling like growing some flora this Christmas season? Get this 3D printed Money Heist-themed garden pot in red and white from RutendorWorkshop as a Christmas gift for your loved one. This cute, plastic pot is handcrafted and uniquely modeled. It is perfect for adorable succulents and as a room decor. You can purchase a big pot (9 cm x 9cm) or a dainty one (6 cm x 6 cm), so go get them now!

    2. Money Heist Keycaps

    Tired of staring at the plain, old boring keyboard whenever you’re streaming a few seasons of Money Heist on Netflix? Spice up your gadgets and proudly proclaim your love for Money Heist with this custom-made, personalized, and handcrafted keycap inspired by the show from Jebatkeycaps. It’s also a rare find and unique amidst the tedious buttons you’ve been pressing for ages, so you’ll never regret gifting this!

    3. Money Heist Hoodie

    It’s hoodie weather nowadays, so go grab your Money Heist fan hoodie and stay extra warm. This unisex hoodie from CamouflageJunkie is in gray color and is made from 80% cotton with a fleece lining, making it extra comfortable for the gloomy winter weather. You can get this hoodie in various sizes- from small to XXL.

    4. Money Heist Mug

    Enjoy your early morning Christmas tea and eggnog in this high-quality, handmade ceramic mug from AcidMelon. The mug is dishwasher and microwave safe, and it has Money Heist characters printed on the sleek, white ceramic surface. Simply perfect to show what a hardcore Money Heist fan you are!

    5. Money Heist handbag

    For your dear and adventurous friend who loves traveling as much as Money Heist, you can get them this leatherette handbag inspired by the hit Netflix show this Christmas. The handbag is of red and black color with enough pockets for one’s trinkets and everyday essentials.

    6. Money Heist Fan Hat

    Protect yourself from the sun or whatever with these cute and handmade Money Heist hats from Etsy star-seller, NomadDrips. The hat is adjustable and has an embroidered “Bella Ciao” print on the front. It is also made from high-caliber cotton materials so it is very comfortable for every Money Heist fan on the go.

    7. Money Heist Tee

    Among all sorts of fan collectibles, the ubiquitous T-shirt is the most essential. Gift your dear ones with this beautiful and handmade unisex Money Heist T-shirt to celebrate the show, and also as a remembrance (the last season is now streaming on Netflix!) The shirt is available in several colors and sizes- from XS to 5XL.


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