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    Christine Quinn Shares She Suffered from PTSD while Filming Selling Sunset

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    Motherhood isn’t always a bed of roses like what people usually see on TV or in the movies. Christine Quinn knows this better than anybody else because her pregnancy journey was different from what was portrayed on the fourth season of the hit series, “Selling Sunset”.

    The 33-year-old real estate agent told ET Canada, “They make fun of the fact of me being late in the show. It’s because I was literally having panic attacks and I was worried about my pregnancy and something going wrong.”

    Quinn married Christian Richard in December 2019. She shared that she had PTSD and postpartum depression after welcoming her son, Christian, in May. She also referred to the Oppenheim Group as a “lion’s den” and that she felt “pitted” by her co-workers which was difficult for her to deal with.

    She recalled, “The problem that I was facing [was] everyone was saying, ‘Oh, well, you know, she’s so thin. She’s so this. She’s so that’. But inside, I was dealing with PTSD.”

    “It was extremely hurtful considering the process that I went through,” she said. In addition, she claimed that the show was edited inaccurately explaining, “I had my baby and then [it appeared] I was doing a yoga scene. But in real life, in that yoga scene, I was actually pregnant.” Quinn further revealed that not all the scenes in Selling Sunset were arranged chronologically.

    “They edited me from, you know, the boobs up, so I got a lot of backlash on social media, [with people] saying, ‘I can’t believe you’re doing yoga two weeks after giving birth after having an emergency C-section.’”

    Based on an exclusive interview with Page Six in November, Quinn admitted that the show’s fourth season was straining on her part. For instance, when she and Emma Hernan found out that they shared an ex-boyfriend, they were prompted to argue about the unnamed ex.

    She told the outlet, “I was annoyed every single day doing it because it’s not something that I would actually talk about. It’s not something that I would actually care about.” Quinn added that it’s worthless to let trivial matters affect her/

    You can watch “Selling Sunset” season 4 on Netflix.


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