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    Magical Christmas Gifts to Give Potterheads

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    Everybody gets to have something on holiday, even if they’re a potter head. And there’s no other way to make the holidays even more magical and surprising by giving them something that reminds them of the wizarding world. Below is a list of ideal gifts that you can wrap as presents to Harry Potter fans. Just a swish and flick of gift wrappers and it will make muggles, witches, and wizards happy for the holidays.

    Special Edition of Harry Potter Books

    Who would not like this? Almost every potter head needs a copy of their favorite book series and there’s no other way to make it happen than by giving them the special boxed-set edition. After all, a special time of the year deserves a special present. And it will make every potter head’s bookshelf even better!

    Harry Potter Cookie Cutter Set

    Make the holidays more magical and start with the holiday cookies! Cut them into shapes using Williams Sonoma’s Harry Potter cookie set, perfect for making Harry Potter-themed cookies and will also work as the perfect present for Harry Potter fans. It includes signature Harry Potter icons from Hedwig, Dumbledore’s hat, Harry’s glasses, as well as the Horcrux.

    You must also check out the pancake mold version of these. Make every cake and cookie a potter head’s fantasy!

    Marauder’s Map Journal and Pen

    Fuel up their light and dark academia vibe with this present! Nothing beats a perfect holiday gift than a set of Harry Potter-themed journals. It comes with a pen that comes in a shape of a wand, just enough to make sure that you potter head friends and children will cry with happiness when they finally open the present on Christmas morning.

    Pandora Golden Snitch Clasp Bangle

    This goes for the chic potter heads. It will be the perfect minimalist accessory that everyone will love! Consider it as the subtle accentuation of their love for the series. This silver bangle with a cute golden snitch as a pendant with add a streak of silver magic to any potter head’s look. Plus, it goes with any outfit, you can wear them all day and all night long.

    Golden Snitch Clock

    Want to give a Harry Potter fan something gold and classic? Look no further. There’s a golden snitch clock from Pottery Barn Teen that you can grab and wrap. Look at it as a bigger golden snitch, only less speedy and fussy. It will only stand there and tell you how time passes by, speedy or otherwise. It will also put a dash of gold in any bedroom drawer!

    Harry Potter Wand Brushes

    This one is ideal for the makeup lover potter heads! Put some Harry Potter aesthetic into their makeup brushes collection! Consider it as a way of adding magic into their beauty routine. They will be the wands they’ll use when they finally do their beauty magic. It comes in a set of five different eye shadow brushes. Witches and Beauty lovers will surely love this.



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