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    You Won’t Believe These Stars are Cat Lovers

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    Cute, goofy, and furry. It’s the perfect ingredients to create the best happy pill for anyone—cats. Who would not fall in love with these hairballs? They’re funny as a streak of comedy and cute as gumdrops! Even A-list celebs, artists, and TV personalities are obsessed and couldn’t get enough of them! They’re just the provider of daily doses of laughter and cuddles that everyone needs.

    Below is the list of celebrities who are real-life cat lovers, and their cats who are more than just lucky to be with them in life.

    Taylor Swift

    It’s no longer a piece of news when it comes to the multi-awarded singer. Taylor Swift had already let the world know that she is a cat lover by heart since she introduced Meredith, her cat whom she named after Meredith from Grey’s Anatomy. She also has another cat named after a female character from Law and Order: SVU, Olivia.

    Swift also documents her cat’s daily diaries on Tiktok and it’s filled with purr-fection!

    Isla Fisher

    No wonder why this Australian actress and comedienne is good at making people laugh. Apart from being the wife of another renowned comedian (Sacha Baron Cohen) and a mother of three, Isla Fisher is also a mother to a poofy tabby furball. Fisher also took to Instagram after National Dog Day in 2018 that cats also deserved a day of them, believing that they are cleaner than dogs and were worshipped as gods back in ancient Egypt.

    Katy Perry

    Katy Perry and Kitty Purry are probably some of the best duos the world has ever known. Unfortunately, Kitty Purry has finished completing her nine lives back in 2014 and the Fireworks singer mourned her passing, thanking Kitty Purry for the companionship and sharing cuddles with her. Perry also thanked her brother for co-parenting her cat-child.

    Now, Perry is a mom to a ball of sunshine named Daisy, her daughter whom she shared with actor Orlando Bloom.

    Mark Ruffalo

    Yes, The Hulk might look bulky and green as the Grinch but he’s got a heart of gold and a soft spot for felines. Mark Ruffalo has taken the world by a storm of fur and cuteness when he shared a post of him and his love of his cats. He shared a gallery of proof of his feline love on National Cat Day 2021.

    Kat Dennings

    The name says it all; Kat loves the cat! She boasted a photo of her and her cute kitty, Millie on Instagram. Just like other cat-lovers in the world, Dennings prefers to stay home and play with her cats all day.

    Mayim Bialik

    The Big Bang Theory actress has come clean about her love for cats, and there’s proof! She often shares photos of her cats on social media and she likes to read books on them.

    Ian Somerhalder

    Who knows that the hot vampire sleeps with another creature that bites, only cuter! The Vampire Diaries actor is known for his charity works that also helps rescue animals.


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