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    Ashley Graham Shows Off Baby Bump in Sweet Photo with Justin Ervin

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    American model and television presenter Ashley Graham wasted no time in sharing and showing off her curves and gorgeous baby bump on Instagram. She recently shared a photo of herself and her husband Justin Ervin on Instagram where she can be seen nestling her head on Ervin’s neck while fully displaying her baby bump. The couple is expecting to have twin boys soon!

    Graham and Ervin shared the news in September that they are expecting two more additional members of their family and Graham has been candid about her concerns on her new journey of pregnancy. The 34-year-old model opened up about her fear of having her baby hairs grow just to see them fall out again.

    She even reached out to American rapper Cardi B, asking her what she did to her hair because it looks amazing even after the Grammy-winning rapper had her second child. Graham also tackled breastfeeding and losing weight, believing that she will just bounce back and return to her normal state because she was a lot of people had told her that breastfeeding will make moms lose weight.

    Nevertheless, that did not stop Graham from flaunting her curves as she posted another photo of her where she can be seen taking a nude mirror selfie, exposing her large twin baby bump while covering her breast with her hand. A user then took notice and commented on her stretch marks, saying that it will affect her modeling career. Graham then replied that she hopes she still has a career with all her stretch marks, adding thinking emojis at the end.

    Furthermore, she also shared that she tried so hard with her first pregnancy. The model and occasional TV presenter stated that she tried to be in control while she was pregnant with her now 23-month-old son Isaac, only to have her efforts get thrown out of the window. She further added that there have been honest women who told her she will never feel the same, and that she is sure that her current pregnancy journey is a whole different odyssey.

    In the meantime, the couple is just in a state of bliss as they wait for the coming of their twins.



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