Tuesday, December 5, 2023

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    Dwayne Johnson is Done with Fast and Furious

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    Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson has finally decided that he is quitting the Fast and Furious franchise. However, Vin Diesel seems to be adamant about getting him back into playing as Luke Hobbs to the extent he asked Johnson publicly via shared Instagram post and Johnson considered it as Diesel’s attempt of manipulating him.

    In the said Instagram post, Diesel wrote mentioning Johnson that their time has come to end the sage with a bang. He wrote calling to Johnson that the Fast and Furious 10 is waiting for them. Diesel even mentioned his children, sublimely giving the context of their brotherly relationship. He further wrote that their legacy awaits and that he is close to his goal which is to fulfill his promise to Paul Walker, the late actor who played the lead role at the beginning of the franchise.

    The actor who voiced Groot shared on Instagram that he would manifest and bring out the best finale of the franchise. He also added that Johnson must show up because no one will be able to play Hobbs’ character like him. Diesel concludes the post by saying that he hopes that Johnson will rise and show up to the occasion and fulfill his destiny.

    However, though the said post on Instagram was met by support and excitement from the fans of the franchise, Johnson mentioned that he was surprised to see it there. Johnson then explained that he and Diesel talked privately and cordially about not returning to the franchise. He already informed Universal Studios about the decision and the company was supportive of it.

    Johnson then remarked that Diesel’s post, though it looked like it was for good intentions, it was an example of Diesel’s manipulation. The actor who voiced Maui in Disney’s Moana said that he did not like how Diesel brought up his children and Walker’s death, and he Diesel should have left them out of it.

    According to Johnson, he thought he and Diesel have had a clear understanding of his leaving. He even added that he wanted to leave the franchise with gratitude, and that he is confident that the saga will have a fantastic finale and that he wishes all the cast and crew the very best. However, he pointed out that Diesel’s public plea has somewhat muddied the waters for him.



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