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    Machine Gun Kelly Predicted Romance with Megan Fox

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    Machine Gun Kelly appeared on the latest episode of The Drew Barrymore Show and shared some of the sweetest details about his first connection with girlfriend Megan Fox. MGK, whose real name is Colson Baker, how they met while filming Midnight in the Switchgrass, in 2020. The film was directed by Randall Emmett.

    The 31-year-old recalled, “We were filming a movie and the only reason I took the movie is ‘cause they were like, ‘There’s scenes with Megan Fox’. I was like, ‘I’ll take the movie.'”

    While they were filming, the rapper admitted he used to hang around outside Megan’s trailer and waited for something to happen and it did. She invited him to have lunch in her trailer. He pretended to be surprised by her move but somehow, he knew deep down that it was bound to happen because as he put it, his “gut is always right.”

    “I went in there and she said, ‘How do you feel?’ and I said, ‘I’m lost,’ and she said, ‘Let’s find you,'” Kelly gushed and dramatically clutched his heart. “It killed me; she was Cupid.”

    “You got hit by her arrow,” Barrymore piped in.

    Their conversation happened while Kelly was giving the host a manicure with a wild green polish which is a part of the promotion of his latest nail polish brand, UN/DN LAQR.

    Meanwhile, Fox herself shared the same story about having that memorable lunch with the rapper when she joined the Give Them Lala…With Randall podcast weeks after confirming her romance with the musician. The actress told hosts Emmett and Lala Kent that she asked him “900,000 questions” and “went deep right away.”  

    “The second that I was in a room with him and said hello to him and looked into his eyes, I knew right away that he was what I call a twin flame,” revealed Fox and added, “We’re actually two halves of the same soul I think. I said that to him almost immediately. I felt it right away.”

    They weren’t the only ones who felt the chemistry between them because those they worked with knew they had something special.

    Emmett said, “I knew there was a chemistry but I didn’t know anything on a personal level. When I was watching you guys, it was very captivating. The chemistry that was going on was very magical.” 



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