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    10 Easy-to-Make Valentine’s Day Treats

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    If you plan to skip the cliché restaurant dinner this Valentine’s Day and show your beloved that you have the time, the love, and the awesome chef skills, make sure to check out the delicious yet easy-to-prepare treats below:

    1. Strawberry Toast

    Spend the morning with your Valentine in a hearty, romantic breakfast! Light some scented candles and serve a delicious plate of toast topped with whipped cream, your favorite syrup, butter, and a few slices of strawberries. Check out more strawberry toast creations in this link to give you an idea!

    2. Tantalizing Tarts

    Valentine’s Day is perfect to indulge your cravings! Make some delicious, chocolate-filled tarts to warm up everyone’s heart in this easy-to-follow recipe.

    3. Choco Provolone Treat

    If you want a mind-blowing combo for a snack, get some provolone cheese, and put it on a chocolate bar, then you’re good to go! Try this Santander choco for you to pull of this divine, easy-to-make snack!

    4. Pretzel Cake

    Want to try your hand in baking and make a delicious dessert that you’ll never forget? Make this strawberry pretzel cake and enjoy the giddy, sweet feeling with your SO!

    5.  Mango Float

    This Filipino star dessert is also perfect to get that sugar rush this Valentine’s Day. You only need graham crackers (and crushed ones!), mangoes, condensed milk, cream, and then you have the perfect treat after just a few hours of freezing. Read the recipe here.

    6. Five-Fruit Pie

    Gather all your favorite fruits and turn them into a scrumptious pie that you can enjoy with your beloved this Valentine’s Day. Check out this five-fruit pie recipe from Taste of Home which you can remake whenever you like!

    7. Raspberry Hazelnut Brownies

    Treat your special someone with some flavorful brownies infused with the rich flavors and textures of raspberry and hazelnut. You can even bake these treats together for more fun! Check out the recipe from Taste here.

    8. Choco Milk Truffles

    If you are planning to have a fun rom-com night with your love this Valentine’s Day and you don’t have anything prepared, then grab some condensed milk and cocoa powder to have an easy-to-prepare, mind-blowing snack. Check out Taste’s recipe at this link.

    9. Pizza In a Bowl

    When you’re craving pizza but you want to make a bonding time out of it too (aside from eating together), then invite your SO to make your personalized pizza in a bowl. You can add whatever daring toppings you want and some choco bars (if you want!) in the comfort of your bowls. Check out Taste of Home’s recipe in this link here.

    10. No Bake Oreo Cake

    Dying to take Oreo into the next level without all that chemistry and preciseness that goes with oven baking? Try this no-bake Oreo cake that you and your sweetheart will surely love. Just make sure you have a fridge and lots of loving to give. Check out the recipe from Olive Magazine here.


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