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    Johnny Depp Hires Kathleen Zellner After Losing Libel Suit

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    Johnny Depp is ready for battle!

    It seemed that the star of Pirates of the Caribbean has armed himself and his team with a vital weapon by hiring Kathleen Zellner, a prominent attorney notable for her works for overturning cases on wrongfully convicted suspects. This power move from the 58-year-old actor was done after he lost his libel suit in London.

    The suit was against a columnist of a newspaper who labeled Depp as someone who beats his wife, and in March, Depp was refused permission to file an appeal against the ruling. However, he is still on his way to suing his former spouse, Amber Heard (35) on US grounds over an article in a newspaper where Heard came forward and described herself as someone who had been domestically abused.

    In turn, Depp considered Heard’s op-ed in the Washington Post such as a libelous attack against himself.

    However, Heard did not drop any name in the article but Depp, her former husband, is convinced and insists that he is the one she is referring to in the article given the fact that Heard had alleged that she suffered a broken nose, a broken lip, and two black eyes from Deep’s hands back in 2015. Deep denies the accusation while Heard remains firm that the photos she shared are authentic.

    In the meantime, Zellner just confirmed that she is finally joining Depp’s team against his legal battle with Heard in the US, alongside Benjamin Chew and Adam Waldman. The star of Edward Scissorhands is waging a $50 million libel suit against his former spouse in the US. Moreover, Depp has recently been given access to Heard’s phone and his team hopes to find proofs that the photos she shared are inauthentic.

    According to Zellner, she has been turning the tables for individuals who were wrongfully convicted of various wrongdoings and she is happy to add and help Depp as she joins his dream team that shares her views. She further added that Deep’s team has been effective in advocating for him.

    Zellner is notable for being an attorney in “Making A Murderer” and for defending Steven Avery who spent 18 years in prison before being exonerated after DNA testing. Avery was released in 2003. She also defended Kevin Fox, another falsely accused individual for murdering his daughter. Fox was also exonerated after having DNA evidence.


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