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    Sandra Bullock is Taking a Break from Acting

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    Sandra Bullock finally reveals that she will be taking herself out of the spotlight for a while as she takes a few more steps into motherhood and starts focusing on her family. The 57-year-old star of The Lake House mentioned in an interview that she will be taking a hiatus from her acting career and that she does not know how long until she will be back.

    The American actress and dubbed queen of romantic comedy also shared about the topic during the screening of The Lost City when an audience asked her if she is going to do more creative works within the Chicana and Hispanic communities. Bullock answered by saying that she will be especially that she loves stories that contemplate and exhibit love and all its imperfections within the family and community, but added that she will be doing that for some time after she is done being a mother.

    According to Bullock, she knew that she would eventually become a mom, but not at on young age. She further added that she takes her acting career seriously, explaining that it is like a 24/7 commitment to her. However, the lead star of Bird Box now wants to commit 24/7 to her children and her family. She finally made it clear that she would not be sifting through scripts, and that she will be revolving around her children and paying services to all their needs. Bullock further added that she will pose the role of being their social calendar.

    Before adoption, Bullock has been fully focused on her career, as she mentioned, until when she finally held Louis in her arms when he was just ten days old. According to the Miss Congeniality actress, she knew right then and there that it is her path to be a mother. Furthermore, she also mentioned that she might get back to the entertainment industry if her children (Louis, 12, and Laila, 10) are finally teenagers.

    She also mentioned her longtime partner, Bryan Randall, whom she started dating whilst Laila’s adoption process was being set up. She remarked that though they might not agree with each other for some time, she still considers him as a good example that she wants her children to have. She further said that Randall is a very patient man and considers him as the right man for her family to have.


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