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    Evan Rachel Wood to Face Marilyn Manson’s Lawsuit Against Her

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    Evan Rachel Wood remains firm and will not allow herself to be silenced after ex-fiance Brian Warner, professionally known as Marilyn Manson in the music industry, filed a defamation lawsuit against her, proclaiming that Wood has wrongfully accused him of rape and sexual abuse.

    The 34-year-old singer and actress is currently facing the lawsuit but announced that she is not afraid of Manson’s move of filing against her during an interview appearance. She further added that though she is firm and has no plans on backing down, the situation made her feel sad. Wood explained that it is a situation that often happens to victims and survivors who attempt to expose their abusers, especially if the abuser is in a position of power.

    The star of Across the Universe also added that she is confident, that she has the truth in her side, and that the truth will inevitably come out despite the timeliness of Manson’s move. News of Manson filing a lawsuit came out just weeks prior to the scheduled release of the HBO documentary series Phoenix Rising, which is centered on Wood’s work in spreading and advocating for the passage of the Phoenix Act. The documentary first premiered at the Sundance Film Festival, and Wood can be seen in it where she shared her experiences regarding Manson’s alleged sexual abuse throughout their relationship.

    However, the Westworld actress defended the documentary, emphasizing the cause that she is doing it to protect people, sounding the alarm, and spreading awareness that a dangerous man is walking out there and that she does not want anyone to be near him.

    The lawsuit says that Manson is accusing Wood and Ashley Gore (Illma Gore) of bringing out false allegations against him and for pressuring other women to do the same.

    Aside from Wood, Manson has been recently accused of rape and sexual abuse by numerous women. According to Wood, Manson allegedly raped her while they were filming the music video for Manson’s “Heart-Shaped Glasses” which Manson denied. Wood further added that Manson made her forget who she was during those times.

    In the meantime, the singer and actress did not make any public comment regarding the accusation Manson filed against her. However, she made it clear that she is not backing down and she will not be turning her face away from the lawsuit and will just let the legal process take its course.


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