Thursday, December 7, 2023

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    Katy Perry Recovers from Wardrobe Malfunction During American Idol Performance

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    Katy Perry has got everyone’s heart racing after ripping the back of her red leather pants in the middle of her performance of her song “Teenage Dream” on American Idol’s Monday episode. The 37-year-old singer and songwriter experienced a wardrobe malfunction while and tried to recover from it in the most hilarious way possible.

    Fans, the audience, and even her fellow judges (Luke Bryan and Lionel Richie) laughed their hearts out after witnessing Perry bending down and ripping the back of her leather pants while singing along with them. Bryan remarked while laughing, saying that things are busted. Richie on the other hand hilariously announced that the concert is officially over.

    Perry, on the other hand, asked for some time while gathering her composure before walking off the stage. Crews of the show then came over (including Bryan) to assist Perry by taping up the ripped area of her leather pants with yellow duct tape.

    The “Fireworks” singer then posted a tweet, saying that she has good and bad news. The bad news is that she would not be able to live stream the American Idol episode, then later hints at her wardrobe mishap as the good news by saying that there will be some pants-splitting fun to see

    However, Perry ripping the back of her red leather pants was not the first wardrobe malfunction that the “Daisies” singer has experienced. Back in 2018, Perry also ripped the back of her silver jumpsuit after giving out a huge laugh just moments after former contestant Maddie Poppe delivered her performance alongside Colbie Caillat on the same singing competition show.

    Perry even announced that she split her pants and even tried to prove it to the audience by standing up and turning around. Richie, who was already her fellow judge, jumped over to cover Perry’s backside, while jokingly protesting for Perry to save the children.

    Similarly, the “Hot and Cold” singer relied on tape when a crew member came to her assistance that she asked to tape her backside. Perry then apologized for the hilarious wardrobe malfunction while she sat herself down gently, trying to prevent another malfunction to happen.


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