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    Hannah Gosselin Drives $400K-Car Around Miami to Celebrate Birthday

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    “Jon & Kate Plus 8” alum Hannah Gosselin celebrated her 18th birthday last 10th of May, driving a $400,000 Rolls-Royce Cullinan in Miami’s South Beach.

    “How often do you get to travel with your four best friends to Miami, party at the Sugar Factory, ride in a Rolls-Royce and start a brand-new line of amazing products?” ­­­Gosselin said to Page Six, as she promoted her skincare brand, Gosselin Girl.

    Gosselin’s father, Jon Gosselin made his appearance at the said party along with the celebrant’s friends.

    “I do realize that none of this would be possible without him, and I really appreciate him,” she said, referring to her father.

    Despite the fun party, she said that she misses her siblings that do not stay with them.

    Gosselin and her brother Collin, live with their father, while their fellow sextuplets stay with their mother Kate Gosselin.

    Jon and Kate got divorced in 2009 after being married for a decade but they share 18-year-olds Joel, Alexis, Leah, and Aaden, along with 21-year-old twins Madelyn and Cara.

    “I miss them and I know if we got to spend more time together, especially on our birthday, it would be more fun,” Gosselin told the outlet, referring to her other siblings.

    The celebrant expressed that she feels freedom as she reached the age of 18.

    “I’m really excited to be at this point in my life, I feel a certain type of freedom….Then again, ask me nex­t week when my curfew hasn’t changed,” she jokingly said.

    Gosselin said that she chose Miami as the spot to celebrate her birthday because she plans to escape from her native Pennsylvania and study business at a college in sunny Florida.

    “I can’t wait to start school and live at the beach! I’m also really looking forward to kicking off an amazing beauty business,” she said talking about the partially recyclable eco-friendly packaging of her line.

    “I feel like people are going to really love the facial elixirs, serums, and bath bombs as much as I do,” Gosselin added.

    “It feels like yesterday when my brothers and sisters and I were all together shooting the show! I don’t miss it, but I miss them!” she said, talking about her siblings again.

    In the meantime, the neophyte businesswoman is looking forward to expanding her beauty brand which released a series of facial serums.

    “Most girls love beauty products and skincare. Let’s just say, I’m a little more passionate about it than most. I actually struggled with my skin and these products have done wonders. Also, who doesn’t love a candlelit bath with amazing bath bombs? My candles, and even more bath bombs, are coming soon,” the celebrant added about her new line of products.


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