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    Brad Pitt’s Lawyers Allege Angelina Jolie ‘sought to inflict harm’ with Miraval Wine Sale

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    In 2008, before their marriage in 2014, the couple bought a controlling interest in a French company that included an estate and vineyard in the south of France called Miraval.

    “Pitt and Jolie purchased the château as a home to share with their children and the vineyard as a family business. They agreed they would never sell their respective interests in Miraval without the other’s consent. The couple spent the holidays at Miraval with their children and were married there in 2014,” the filing stated.

    Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie
    Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie

    The couple began their relationship in 2005, after starring in the spy thriller Mr. & Mrs. Smith but the former couple was both declared single in 2019 three years after filing for divorce.

    Brad Pitt’s lawyers recently accused Angelina Jolie of contributing “nothing” to the brand and intentionally seeking to harm the business.

    “Jolie, meanwhile, contributed nothing to Miraval’s success. Instead, she allowed Pitt to pour money and sweat equity into the business in reliance on the consent right she owed him and a right of first refusal her business entity owed his,” the actor’s lawyers alleged.

    The actress sold her stake in Miraval to Tenute del Mondo, a company described in the suit as “a hostile third-party competitor bent on taking control of Miraval” in 2019, and she allegedly hid the deal from Pitt.

    “Through the purported sale, Jolie sought to inflict harm on Pitt. Jolie knew and intended that Shefler and his affiliates would try to control the business Pitt had built and to undermine Pitt’s investment in Miraval,” the filing claimed.

    “All of this is the direct result of Jolie’s unlawful and tortious conduct… In violation of the parties’ agreement, Jolie has sought to force Pitt into partnership with a stranger, and worse yet, a stranger with poisonous associations and intentions,” the actor’s lawyers wrote.

    The insider said that “He assumed they’d work it out because she knows how important the winery is to him.”

    Pitt filed a lawsuit against his ex-wife in September 2021, accusing her of attempting to leave him out of a lucrative sale of Château Miraval shares.

    While they are in a legal battle for the winery, they are also currently settling the details of the custody of their children.

    “It’s very clear to him that Angie has gone out of her way to delay and stall the process. All he can do is work with his legal team and file the paperwork whilst responding to her claims. Month after month goes by with one piece of red tape after another, endless jumping through hoops and bickering between their lawyers with no resolution,” a source stated.


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