Saturday, December 9, 2023

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    Zendaya Slams Pregnancy Rumors

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    Like many celebrities, Zendaya is prone to being the subject of different rumors.

    Just recently, the Euphoria actress was rumored of being pregnant. The rumor surfaced after a couple of TikTok videos featured the award-winning actress looking like she was expecting her first child with her boyfriend Tom Holland. The videos also included a growing “Krissed” meme with the picture of famous momager Kris Jenner, admitting at the end that it was all a prank.

    Zendaya decided to clear her name and put an end to the pregnancy rumors once and for all. She released a statement on her Instagram Story on June 15 stating, “See now, this is why I stay off Twitter. Just making stuff up for no reason weekly.”

    “Anyway back to filming…Challengers,” the actress added. She’s currently working on a new romantic drama together with Josh O’Connor of The Crown, and Mike Faist from West Side Story.

    The prank video shared by @robairesbussy featured a photoshopped image of the actress with a baby bump walking together with Tom and included the words, “WAIT SINCE WHEN WAS ZENDAYA PREGNANT.” The caption also has the hashtag “#joke.”

    Another TikTok user, Ryan Roberts, also shared an edited video with the poster looking shocked and pretending to gasp after looking at a sonogram of a 20-week-old fetus which was placed over a screenshot of Zendaya’s real Instagram post which she shared last January 30. The said post was part of a promo created for Euphoria. She captioned it, “I love you. Halfway there [heart emoji].”

    The TikTok user edited it to make people believe that she tagged Tom. Meanwhile, the video came with a text box with the phrase, “There’s no way.”

    The last part of the clip showcased a “dancing” Kris and the words, “YOU JUST GOT KRISSED…SEND THIS TO YOUR FRIENDS TO #KRIS THEM!!”

    After the video became viral, a TikTok user informed the poster that it has gone viral and the creator replied, “I JUST SAW.”

    Another different user shared, “This isn’t funny and whoever started it I feel sorry for cause what goes around really does come around.”  Ryan answered, “It’s funny.”

    After posting to her Instagram Stories, there are some users who mentioned that she was mad at Roberts and he responded, “I’ve been noticed.”


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