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    Meghan Markle Shares Message to AGT’s Contestant Archie Williams during Finale

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    The America’s Got Talent season 15 finals’ Archie Williams was moved to tears after receiving a very sweet message from none other than Meghan Markle herself during the two-hour show on Wednesday, September 23.

    The stage was equipped with massive screens and Williams was shocked when the Duchess of Sussex appeared on them. She told the soulful singer that she’s been one of his avid supporters who have been supporting him all season.

    “Hi Archie, I just wanted to let you know that we’ve been so moved by your story and we’ve been cheering you on every week, and it’s not just because we’re partial to the name,” Markle said. Of course, the duchess was referring to her son with Prince Harry, one-year-old Archie.

    “So, a very special message to you — [which] I will probably be saying all my life, but on this night it is specifically for you — Archie, we are proud of you, and we are rooting for you, and we can’t wait to see what you do. We’re in your corner! Have a good night,” the duchess added.

    It didn’t take long for Williams to choke up over her video, but this isn’t the first time that he had a very emotional night. His story is one of the most talked about of the season because of the inspiration it has brought to people. His is a moving story that speaks of perseverance despite all odds. In addition, it’s undeniable that he has the talent as well.

    If you haven’t watched his audition, you should know that Williams served over 36 years in prison for a crime which he didn’t commit in the first place. Fortunately, The Innocence Project helped him and his conviction was overturned. He was released in March 2019.

    Williams remained hopeful during the years he spent in prison and singing was one of the reasons why. He likes the gospel songs by Marvin Winans and they inspired him to love singing, too. That’s why for the finale, America’s Got Talent, gave him the once in a lifetime opportunity to have a duet with his idol.

    The incredible performance came a night after Williams performed a cover of Beatles’ “Blackbird” that showcased his powerful talent.


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