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    Demi Lovato and Max Ehrich Split Two Months After Being Engaged

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    Singer Demi Lovato and actor Max Ehrich broke up despite being engaged two months ago.

    Lovato and Ehrich surprised the world when their July 22 engagement was announced. The The Young and Restless star proposed marriage to the former Disney star at the beach in Malibu, California. However, their relationship ended abruptly.

    These two media personalities started seeing each other around March three months after Lovato’s split with model Austin Wilson. Their story began when the pandemic broke out and they end up self-quarantining together in Lovato’s house.

    The singer expressed how comfortable she was with the actor star on one of her Instagram posts. According to her, Max’s love and acceptance is something she never felt before. She also noted how she spent time with the actor bare-faced and in a bathing suit. Her post ended with a compliment on how wonderful Max was. She even referred to him as jaw-droppingly gorgeous inside and out.

    Their relationship escalated quickly and by the end of June, they already started to plan their future together. Last July 22 Max knelt on the ground with an estimated one million worth diamond ring. Demi also purchased a $7 million house in Los Angeles which was assumed to be the future home of the supposed-to-be newlywed couple. Since then, the couple had been inseparable.

    An issue broke out around the middle of September which shook the foundation of their relationship. Photos spread throughout the internet regarding Max’s alleged past post saying that Demi’s co-singer Selena Gomez was prettier than her.

    Demi defended her ex-fiancée saying that the spreading post is false and was photoshopped.  Despite her compassion for those who are “distracting themselves with doctored imaged”, the famous superstar also urged the public to be mature and start to write something that truly matters.

    Recently, Demi’s fans began to take guesses and speculated the fading love between the two when Demi’s inner circle started to unfollow Max on their social media account. They noticed that Demi’s friends and family including her sister Dallas Lovato, her makeup artist Jill Powell and her friend and acquaintances, Matthew Scott Montgomery and Max Lea unfollowed Max on their Instagram. Likewise, the fact that Demi has not “liked” any of Max’s recent posts fuelled-up the issue.


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