Monday, October 2, 2023

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    Travis Scott to Perform in Las Vegas

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    Almost a year after the Astroworld festival tragedy, Travis Scott is back to performing.

    Las Vegas’ Zouk Nightclub announced on August 1 that the 31-year-old rapper has seven shows in store at their venue starting in September. 

    Based on the venue’s press release, Road to Utopia will be “a mind-bending, first-of-its-kind nightclub residency experience.” It will also serve as a chance for Scott to perform some of his upcoming music.

    Andrew Li, CEO of Zouk Group, “Travis Scott was a seamless fit for the Zouk Nightclub roster,” Andrew Li, the CEO of Zouk Group, said in a statement.

    “His electric performances will pair perfectly with our immersive atmosphere, bringing our guests an unmatched show unlike anything else they can find in Las Vegas.”

    The news comes after the rapper’s appearance at the Day N Vegas festival in Nevada on September 2 to 4, was canceled due to “a combination of logistics, timing, and production issues.” It would’ve marked the rapper’s return on stage after the Astroworld incident.

    In May, Scott had his first public performance during the Formula 1 Grand Prix at the ultraclub E11even in Miami. He also performed at a Coachella and pre-Oscar parties.

    10 people died due to compression asphyxia during the Astroworld festival last year. After the tragedy, Scott, Live Nation, and those who were involved faced 400 lawsuits. They were accused of negligence and the cases were combined into one civil case which represented 2,800 victims. However, Scott and Live nation denied the allegations.

    According to an interview with Charlamagne The God in December, he mentioned that he “1,000 percent” did everything he could to help concertgoers once he noticed something was wrong.

    He added, “Anytime you can hear something like that, you want to stop the show, you want to make sure fans get the proper attention they need.” 

    “And anytime I could see anything like that, I did. I stopped it like a couple times to just make sure everybody was OK.” 

    He also explained that he couldn’t tell what was happening from where he was because of the pyrotechnics, lighting, and sound. He added, “You can only help what you can see and whatever you’re told, whenever they tell you to stop, you stop.”


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