Tuesday, December 5, 2023

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    Stranger Things 5 is Coming

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    Have you recovered from season four of Stranger Things? Guess what? Season five is already heading our way!

    According to the Stranger Things writing team, they’re back and working on the next season. They confirmed it with a tweet that read: “Day 1.” If this wasn’t enough to get fans excited, the tweet was also accompanied by a board with the show’s logo on top of a huge number five. 

    Just a quick recap. Vecna, played by l, successfully merged Upside Down with their hometown in Indiana. In the season four finale, Wil, portrayed by Noah Schnapp, confirmed that the two of them are still connected after being linked to each other in the series’ season two.

    Jamie told E! News last month about how he wants to see in the fifth season, “We all know by now that Vecna and Will have history. So it would be a joy to to get back in there as I’ll gently put it.”

    As for Max, played by Sadie Sink, she’s holding on after being in a coma at the hands of Vecna. The Duffers Brothers revealed during the Happy Sad Confused podcast in July, “She’s brain dead, but yeah, she’s alive. She’s blind and all of her bones are broken.” At least, she’s alive!

    But when can fans expect to see season five? In July, Sink revealed on Deadline, “This last season took two years in total, so who knows how long season five will take. The Duffers definitely know the fans will be eagerly awaiting a fifth season, but I don’t think they’re gonna rush it. They wanna make the best final season that they could possibly make.”

    Meanwhile, fans have ample time to mourn Eddie Munson, portrayed by Joseph Quinn, but have we really seen the last of him? He was killed in the Upside Down while fighting off some Demobats, specifically in the arms of Dustin, played by Gaten Matarazzo. 

    The actor revealed his one hope for the final season. He shared about his character, “It’d be nice to clear his name. I don’t know how we’re gonna do that. But it feels unjust, doesn’t it? He paid the ultimate sacrifice for a town that thinks he’s a monster. But he’s not. So hopefully, they can figure that out.”


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