Tuesday, December 5, 2023

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    Here’s Why Lil Nas X Turned Down an Invite to Beyoncé’s Party

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    Don’t get him wrong but Lil Nas X is a big fun of Queen Bey.

    The rapper admitted that he was once invited to hang out with Beyoncé and almost skipped his own concert to attend it. 

    He exclusively told E! News during an interview, “I’ve actually been invited to come to one of her Renaissance parties and that was super dope. I think it was on the day of one of the shows and I was like, “do I completely leave my fans stranded and don’t come to the show to see Beyoncé or not,’ but you know I couldn’t.”

    He added, “Some time though for sure.”

    Though the 23-year-old musician would never leave his fans, he does have Bey’s Renaissance on repeat. He told the outlet that the album makes him feel “liberated”, adding that he easily relates to “Church Girl” and “Heated.” 

    He explained, “The overall idea of this super duper pop legend, not even, this music legend in general, going into this direction that’s not really mainstream at all. I think that’s just so big of her. It’s liberating.”

    Though he hasn’t had a chance to collaborate with the multi-awarded singer yet, Lil Nas X recently worked with M&M’s for a limited edition pack that showcases his unique style. For this latest endeavor, he worked with Sing for Hope, a non-profit organization that aims to bring hope, healing, and connection to people around the world through creative programs.

    He told the outlet, “I think my favorite thing about this partnership is that I get to work with a brand that’s as legendary as M&Ms and knowing that it also has a cause helping spread music and inspire through connection.

    He added, “I feel like it’s really great and we co-designed this after my tour and the colors are beautiful and I think there’s going to be a lot of people saying the same so I’m excited about it.”

    Moreover, Lil Nas X also previewed his unreleased duet with rapper Saucy Santana called “Down Souf Hoes.”

    “I feel like for “Down Souf Hoes” the song is just like a strip club anthem but I feel like the message of two queer artists coming together and making such a banger,” he told E! News. “I feel like that’s it’s own message.”

    Lil Nas X is also set to release his next album soon, teasing that it’s for “the girls to get ready and party to”, adding, “I can bet you that it’s going to be my best piece of art to date.” 


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