Tuesday, December 5, 2023

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    North West Has a New Obsession That Scares Kim Kardashian

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    Keeping Up With The Kardashians Thursday episode gave a sneak peek of Kim’s frantic reaction about her daughter’s latest obsession.

    The media superstar is not happy with her recent spider encounter. The famous media influencer’s fear of spiders was not unknown to the public. She had shared how terrified she was with spiders on the past episodes and interviews.

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    Previously, fans have witnessed how Kim freaked out during their Puerto Vallarta trip. Kim’s tears came running down her cheeks when Kris Jenner calmly told her that there was a spider on her.

    However, contrary to Kim’s fear of spider is her daughter’s fondness of it.

    In a sneak peek of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, it was shown how Kim explained to her sister Khloe Kardashian her latest mishap. Kim told the famous socialite how her worst fear and her daughter’s biggest obsession happened to be the same. Coincidentally, Kim’s daughter North West, wants to have a spider as a pet, specifically a tarantula.

    Kim shared how her daughter allegedly conned her to go to a pet shop near her school. Accordingly, the KKW Beauty founder went to the pet store employee to ask help in convincing her daughter not to buy a tarantula. Kim offered to pay a hundred bucks in exchange for the employee’s statement saying how spiders are mean to kids and that they bite.

    Unfortunately, the pet store employee conned Kim as well saying the complete opposite of her request. The employee even encouraged North to keep a tarantula and shared how great a pet tarantula is.

    The reality star further added how firm she was about spiders.  She remained steadfast against the idea of a spider as a pet despite North’s several requests. She shared how she rally against the idea and that it would likely not happen as long as North is under her care.

    Khloe tried to change her sister’s mind saying she needed to get over her fear but Kim rebutted Khloe reminding her of her nightmare, whales. Khloe exclaimed how someone can approach such an enormous thing. However, the ever-supportive sister cut the argument short and instead, thought about how she could be able to help the mother and daughter’s dilemma.

    Khloe explained how North was so fond of spiders. According to Khloe, the little girl is drawn to these hairy insects and enjoys catching and touching them. 

    The socialite further added that North might want to share this love with her mother and Khloe wanted to help her niece. She would support her niece and help her sister get over her fear of spiders once and for all.

    However, the KUWTK star did not share any idea how she intends to execute her plan. According to her, she might be sitting and looking at her phone and will suddenly come out with random news of how tarantula bites the kids at a school leading to their tragic death.


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