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    Arnold Schwarzenegger Allegedly Involved in Car Accident

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    Arnold Schwarzenegger was allegedly involved in a vehicular accident on February 5 which led to a bicyclist being rushed to the hospital. 

    According to TMZ, law enforcers informed the outlet that the woman who was riding a bike swerved in front of the former California governor before he even had the chance to hit the breaks of his car. Further, the outlet confirmed that the 75-year-old actor wasn’t speeding. 

    The outlet reported that the woman complained about feeling pain after the incident. First responders immediately reported to the scene and transported the victim to the hospital. However, she’s now in stable condition.

    The outlet’s sources also saw Arnold at the scene speaking with police officers. Further, TMZ reported that no alcohol or drugs were suspected. Although investigation is still ongoing, there’s no crime involved, and it seemed like a simple traffic accident.

    Moreover, the outlet mentioned that the actor took the woman’s bike and then attached it to his car. He took it to a local bike shop to be fixed as well.

    As for the actor, he didn’t suffer from any injury. He also intends to check on the bicyclist personally. 

    This isn’t the first time Arnold was involved in a car accident. In January last year, he got into a multi-car accident in Los Angeles at the intersection of Sunset Boulevard and Allenford Avenue. Back then, TMZ reported that he was driving a GMC Yukon that collided with a Prius. His car rolled over it, rotated, and hit into a Porsche Cayenne. 

    The Terminator star suffered from minor injuries while the Prius’ driver, a woman, was rushed to the hospital after sustaining a head injury. An eyewitness said the incident looked like a stunt in a movie. The collision was hard enough for the Yukon’s airbags to be deployed.

    That time, his close friend and fitness personality Jake “Body by Jake” Steinfeld was also present in the crash. He was the Chairman of the Governor’s Council on Physical Fitness when Arnold was governor.

    No arrests were made during that time and the police believed there was no DUI or DWI involved. 


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