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    Chrissy Teigen Responds to Speculation She Had Baby Girl Through Surrogacy

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    It has been months since Chrissy Teigen and John Legend welcomed their daughter, Esti. Lately, there have been speculations that they’ve had her through surrogacy. She finally responded to the speculation to clear the issue once and for all.

    The Cravings author took to Instagram on May 8 where she posted a picture of their new daughter noting that their little one “still has the angel on her forehead.” However, many social media users didn’t focus on Esti but brought up the topic on surrogacy. 

    A commenter asked if they’ve welcomed her through a surrogate while another follower commented that she used bump prosthetics also known as “moonbump.” Chrissy shared on her Instagram Stories how she was obsessed with the comment until she finally set the record straight by sharing her photo while giving birth to Esti. She even joked, “Extremely realistic ‘moon bump.'”

    This isn’t the first time she has to deal with comments regarding their newborn. In April, she also clapped back at an Instagram user who accused the couple for not using their daughter’s carried correctly.

    Based on a screenshot from People, she wrote, “‘Right’ is how she is comfortable. She doesn’t like to be high and tight and likes to look around and see her daddy. She is safe and happy.”

    He couple also has two other children namely Luna, 7, and Miles, 4. They welcomed Esti in January, almost two and a half years after losing their son Jack when she was just 20 weeks pregnant with him.

    John Legend also shared about having their new family member by telling The Wall Street Journal in February, “It was making me emotional the first two nights we were home because I just felt the love expand in the house, and I felt the excitement.”

    The couple has been sharing their family photos, with updates on Esti’s milestones and how her older siblings are adjusting.

    The singer also told E! News, “The kids are excited. We weren’t sure how they would take it. I felt like they were a little jealous when mommy was pregnant. But as soon as Esti arrived, they were just exploding with love and joy. And they’re so caring and loving toward her. They want to hold her, they want to kiss her and it’s really exciting.”



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