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    Cardi B Celebrates Birthday in Star-Studded Party

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    Cardi B celebrated her 28th birthday on Saturday, October 10. The “WAP” rapper flew to Las Vegas together with her closest friends to drink, dance, and party all night long.

    Many celebrities were in attendance including Offset, Kylie Jenner, Meek Mill, Floyd Mayweather, Megan Thee Stallion, The Weeknd, and 21 Savage among others.

    A source told E!, “The Weeknd had his own table and Teyana Taylor was seated there with him. Kylie Jenner arrived with a small group of friends and was incredibly friendly and social with all the party guests who were excited to meet her.”

    The source added that a marching band played “WAP” to welcome the rapper when she arrived after her guests. “Cardi came ready to party. Cardi’s birthday was held at AREA 15 and was a Sahara Desert-theme… complete with live camels. There was also a photo booth that took live photos of guests.”

    According to the insider, the Hustler star was dancing and drinking the whole night with her guests. The source added that each guest was given party favors in the form of Aurora vibrators and little bunny ears.

    Another source said that Cardi was in a great and happy mood and noticed how close she was with Offset who was with her the whole time. They were even photographed kissing and couldn’t take their hands off each other. The source explained that they were acting like they were back together.

    The insider mentioned that the two left with around 20 other people to a presidential suite at Caesars Palace where they danced and drank up to 6 in the morning.

    Despite that they were very close at her party; the two are not officially back together. The source claimed that Offset had been trying to win Cardi back again since she filed for divorce. Further, the source explained that he didn’t want to split with Cardi but he had no choice so he went along with the divorce.

    Cardi B filed for divorce in September with no prospects for reconciliation. She also took to Instagram to state that her reason behind it was that she was tired of arguing and not seeing things eye to eye with him anymore.



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