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    5 Stars Who Gave Up Veganism

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    At present, many people have gone to the side of veganism, making it one of the biggest health movements in the entire world. Not only do they promote the plant-based diet for health reasons, but they also do so for the planet as a whole. Unsurprisingly, many celebrities have also leaped on the vegan bandwagon. While some are really consistent with ditching meat, others find it hard to maintain and decided to quit.

    Here are examples of five stars who tried veganism, but for some reasons, have decided to abandon the leafy lifestyle:

    Anne Hathaway

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    After experiencing a health boost from eating fish again, Anne Hathaway immediately ditched veganism for good. It was during her Interstellar days in Iceland when an irresistible piece of fresh fish caught the actress’ eyes. Later on, she admitted that trying fish once again had her brain felt like rebooting. In an interview with Harper’s Bazaar, she said that she “just felt better” after the following day, unlike during her plant-based diet that she didn’t feel healthy.

    Miley Cyrus

    After a six-year-long vegan diet from 2013 to 2019, Miley Cyrus revealed in a podcast interview that she had started consuming fish once more. The Midnight Sky singer confessed that she had to reintroduce fish and omegas back as she felt that her brain wasn’t working properly. Currently, even amidst the backlash of the vegan community, Miley Cyrus felt that she’s much sharper than before.

    Liam Hemsworth

    A health issue also forced Cyrus’ ex-husband Liam Hemsworth to forsake being a vegan for almost four years. He told Men’s Health in an exclusive interview that the bottom line of his decision was his kidney stone. While doing a press for “Isn’t It Romantic,” Liam recounted that he had to undergo surgery in a hospital. It was later diagnosed as a calcium oxalate stone, which he pointed to his regular diet of spinach, almond milk, almond butter, and vegan protein for breakfast. He then decided to reconsider his diet and brink back other food.

    Ellen DeGeneres

    Unlike other celebrities, Ellen doesn’t have a specific reason for why she left veganism. After eight long years of pure plant-based food, she decided to include fish and eggs as part of her regular diet. Ellen reminisced her positive memories of being a vegan in her 2019 Netflix comedy special Relatable. She admitted that she loved being a vegan, but her appetite has changed even though she was healthier than ever.

    Natalie Portman

    Natalie Portman was considered a pioneer in veganism among celebrities. In 2008, she even launched a vegan shoe collection with boutique Te Casan as one of its early adopters. However, she had to put her diet on hold when she became pregnant in 2011 with her first child, Aleph. The Black Swan actress said that she was constantly listening to her body when it comes to eggs and dairy. Later in 2018, Portman told US Weekly that she has long turned back to veganism, bringing both her kids, Aleph and Amalia, along with her.


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